Public Speaking

    Areas of Focus: Male Allyship in the Fight For Reproductive Freedom, Jewish Allyship in the Fight For Justice, Understanding/Addressing Antisemitism, Understanding The Progressive Movement's View Of Israel, Building Bridges Between the Jewish Community and the Progressive Movement, American Politics, Political Reform, Foreign and Economic Policy.

    Organizational Consulting

    Areas of Focus: Non-Profit Management, Civic Advocacy Strategies, Strategy Formulation, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Operational Structures, Change Management, Organizational Development and Alignment, Compensation and Incentives, Consumer Segmentation.

    Foreign Policy Advising

    Areas of Expertise: International Political Economy, International Macroeconomics, International Security Theory, Conflict (Causes, Consequences, Solutions), Nuclear Policy (Weapons/Proliferation/Deterrence), Modern Chinese Politics, Nationalism in the Age of Globalization, Militant Power Politics (Non-State Actors, Terrorism), Democratic Consolidation and Backsliding, Democratic Theory, Middle East (Israel/Palestine) Conflict.

    Domestic Policy Advising

    Areas of Expertise: Political Reform, Healthcare (Systems and Alternatives), Microeconomics of the Consumer, Microeconomics of the Firm, Macroeconomics, Central Banking Theory and Policy, Public Sector Economics, New Firm Creation and Wage Growth, Non-Compete Agreements and Capital Flow, Economic Policy and Recidivism, Small Business Growth Policy, Rural vs. Urban Economic Structures, Voter Suppression and its Impacts.


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