• What I'm Working On

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    Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director

    Originally founded in Illinois in 2015 as a state PAC, Men4Choice works to engage, educate, and activate more male allies into the fight to protect and expand reproductive freedom and justice. Men4Choice is proud to have played a role in passing some of the most progressive reproductive rights legislation in America over the last several years, including HB40 and the RHA in Illinois. Men4Choice now has a 501(c)3 educational arm, a 501(c)4 advocacy arm, and runs programs and organizes in Georgia, Florida, and Ohio as well.

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    Project Shema


    Concerns over growing antisemitism in the American progressive movement, and whether progressives support the right and need for Jewish national self-determination in the state of Israel, have understandably elevated fears inside the American Jewish community.


    Named after the Hebrew word which means "to hear" or "listen", Project Shema seeks to help Jewish organizations and advocates build stronger bonds of trust between our Jewish community and members of the progressive movement.


    Project Shema offers a series of trainings and workshops designed to help the American Jewish community better understand and engage with the American progressive movement on issues of core concern, like Israel and antisemitism. It also offer trainings to help the community better understand how to engage as allies in the fight for justice.

    PHPC Consulting


    PHPC is a consulting firm Oren founded in 2015 focused on strategy, operations, advocacy, and policy advising. His expertise includes organizational development, strategy formulation, advocacy and organizing strategy, revenue development strategy, consumer segmentation and messaging, operational process improvement for both for profit and not for profit organizations, and policy analysis and formulation.

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    New Home Star

    Lead Market Analyst & Strategic Marketing Consultant

    Oren serves a consultant on consumer segmentation, message formulation, market analysis, and asset positioning strategy for NHS clients. He also lends his expertise toward the creation of organizational resources and training content.


    New Home Star is a national real estate sales management firm serving builders and developers across the nation. The organization trains, manages, and recruits sales teams with a full-time focus on new home sales. Over the last decade, New Home Star has grown from a startup firm to the largest private seller of new homes in America.