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    Master's in International Relations

    University of Chicago

    In these challenging times, with massive global upheaval and the potential reshaping of the world order, a deep academic foundation is critical to effectively leading on the most complex issues we face. While at the University of Chicago, Oren's studies focused squarely on the core issues facing American policymakers over the next several decades.


    The University of Chicago's Committee on International Relations is regarded as one of the top ten IR programs in the entire world. The program combines intellectual diversity and analytical rigor, a small cohort, and scholarly intensity to ensure students with differing perspectives challenge each other and come to a more sophisticated understanding of the complicated interaction between the realities of international politics and the requirements of a global morality.

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    Master's in Economics - Policy Analysis

    DePaul University

    Oren enrolled in DePaul motivated to answer a simple question: How can we create and expand economic opportunity for all Americans?


    Thanks to this education, Oren has been able to provide policy support to local, state, and federal elected officials and candidates. The American economy continues to experience major structural challenges including the highly limited concentration of gains, the hollowing out of once thriving communities, and a workforce that is not fully prepared for where the economy is growing. With this education, Oren is equipped to help solve these challenges.

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    Master's In Business Administration - Strategic Management

    Regis University

    The housing market started to collapse just as Oren was beginning his career. Rather than leave the industry, he invested in the skills and knowledge needed to face the challenge. That investment allowed him to emerge as an industry leader capable of leading in the housing market during The Great Recession. Oren continues to leverage this education in all aspects of his life applying these lessons to his consulting and civic work.

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    Bachelor of Journalism

    University of Missouri - 2004

    Oren was drawn to journalism and studied at one of the best universities in the country for that field. While his career went in a different direction, he learned valuable principles of journalism, including the search for objective facts and truth over narrative, from some of the top minds in the field.